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  • The Club

    The Bend Karate Club was established in 1986 by highly respected 7th Dan, Sensei Tim Hanlon.

    Dr. Hanlon has been a qualified ITKF(International Traditional Karate Federation) and AAKF(American Amateur Karate Federation) examiner and medical judge with 50 years of karate experience. Sensei provides the club with chief instruction under the guidelines of Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama who was a direct student of Master Gichin Funakoshi.

The People

A club is only as good as it’s teachers, instruction, and members…

We have Senpai (senior level students) who are instructors and mentors to the dojo. They have trained under Sensei Hanlon for many years and hold the responsibility to pass on the training knowledge to students. Senpai are not paid for their instruction and are greatly appreciated for their donated time.

Our dojo members are a great group of people who train hard and work together. Our ages and ability levels vary greatly though we all share a common ideal through Shotokan training.